Madeline Bio
Created by Dana
Name: Madeline Frayn Sand
Codename: unknown
Position: Level 9 operative, Chief Strategist in Section One
Status: dead
Mother: Faye, dead
Father: nothing known about him
Sister: Sarah, dead
Marital Status: Formerly married to Charles Sand, dead
Madeline is the chief strategist and master torturer in Section One. She is Operation’s closest ally, the only person he truly trusts, his counselor, right hand, and when necessary, mistress. Her specialties include analyzing intel and making decisions, as well as managing all the operatives and making sure they don’t break policies and protocols, and deciding when they have to be cancelled. She is a fine psychologist and this helps her both with manipulating the operatives into do their job, and knowing how to interrogate the prisoners and extract information from them. She can be considered as the gray eminence of section, the unofficial leader.

In Season One Madeline started out as the mother on Section One, giving counsel to Michael about his outfit for missions, teasing Nikita about her love life. Her office was also the most human-looking in the entire section. Nikita and her are almost friends by the end of the first season and she seems compassionate as she tells Nikita that she will never be free. In the episode Rescue, we find out how determined she is to do anything for the sake of a mission, even induce a heart attack on herself. Her character becomes more strict and austere as the seasons unfold. In Mandatory Refusal she is captured and tortured, showing remarkable resistance to pain. It is even suggested that she can stop her own heart at will. In the episode In Between she kills her own husband and after that, she’s the one making the toughest decisions in Section. Later on we find out that she’s into casual sex, but she’s also willing to send her lover into an abeyance mission without blinking. She’s also the one opposing Nikita and Michael’s relationship but she’s not asking anything of them that she doesn’t impose on herself.

Not much is known about Madeline’s past. In Psychic Pilgrim, Madeline meets her dying mother again, who is by now senile. We learn that Madeline had a sister, Sarah, who died in an accident (falling down some stairs) after fighting with Madeline over a doll. It is not clear whether Madeline had pushed Sarah or not, but she blamed herself for Sarah’s death and this particular event determined Madeline’s future. She has been married to a Section operative, Charles Sand, whom she kills because she cannot reintegrate him into Section and she cannot leave him out. She had thought that Charles was dead for about 9 years and this is because Operations sent him on a mission and left him out there to dry. He probably wanted Madeline for himself. The only person Madeline was ever afraid of is Adrian, who despised Madeline. It is suggested that Madeline may see a substitute for a mother in her, in spite of their obvious mutual dislike; Madeline got her horticulture hobby from Adrian and she does not to kill her even when she has a chance.

Madeline’s only true love story is with Operations. The two of them met in Ukraine and it’s obvious that they were lovers at some point in the past. Operations still has feelings for her and would like them to be a couple again, but Madeline thinks it’s a bad idea, probably because it would interfere with them doing their job well. It’s obvious from many episodes that they care very much for each other and are jealous of anybody else they might be involved with. They have sex on two occasions, in the Tour – Operations’ private quarters. The first one is because, as she says, the foreplay between them is a distraction to him and she wants him to focus on the job better, but not because she still has feelings for him. We can presume that she only says that because she finds out that he is responsible for her loosing her husband 9 years ago. They have sex again in Season 4, and they pretend it was only to mislead George, and that there’s nothing between them. Up to the viewers to believe them or not.

Madeline dies at the end of Season 4. When Nikita and Mr. Jones evaluate everybody in Section, Nikita wants to relocate Madeline, but Mr. Jones thinks she should be cancelled. Madeline swallows a pill and kills herself, saying that she will choose her way out. Her character is brought back for one episode in Season 5 as a virtual character created from a database on Madeline. She explains that she killed herself because she was afraid that Nikita might persuade Mr. Jones not to cancel her, and she knew that as long as she was alive, Operations would have done anything to bring her back to his side and he would have been unable to function.

Significant episodes
111 Rescue: Madeline induces a heart attack to get into the local hospital and look for Michael.
206 Mandatory Refusal: Madeline is captured by Dorian Anquist whom Michael is supposed to kill. Operations orders that Michael be stopped by any means and Nikita saves both Madeline and Michael.
211 Psychic Pilgrim: Madeline encounters her mother again and we learn about her sister Sarah. Her mother can be presumed dead after this episode.
219 Last Night: Madeline and Operations have sex.
220 In Between: Nikita discovers Charles Sand, Madeline’s husband, during a mission. Madeline kills him.
307 Love and Country: Madeline poses as a psychologist to manipulate Operation’s ex-wife Corrine.
320 Three Eyed Turtle: Madeline and Operations’s relationship seems to get a dramatic turn as he seems abusive of her and orders her to the Tour, but by the end of the episode we find that it was all a play for George.
412 Hell Hath No Fury: Madeline takes a drug to fall in love with Leon, a terrorist, to find where his headquarters are and other information.
417 Sleeping with the Enemy: Madeline goes to Red Cell’s quarters in an exchange of operatives in order to get rid of a common enemy and is used by Operations to locate the Red Cell unit and destroy it.
422 Four Light Years Farther: Madeline kills herself rather than be cancelled by Mr. Jones.
503 A Girl Who Wasn’t There: Quinn creates a virtual character with Madeline’s appearance and personality.