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Khandi, this interview has been a complete pleasure.
The members of CynbytheSea wish for you a very prosperous and promising future.
We will continue to follow your career and we are honored for the time you have spent with us...stay beautiful....
1.) To play the role of Alexx, did you do any special studies or preparations, to know the medical terminology you have to use ?

KHANDI: Yes. I spent several weeks with the Medical Examiner in Los Angeles prior to shooting the first episode... At first I was a little squeamish... but now I'm like... bring on the blood. I need more blood.

2.) On "CSI", do you have any input to the script? If so, where there any scenes that you came up with?

KHANDI: The scripts are pretty tight. There are episodes where we "freelance" a little. I do enjoy speaking with the dead bodies - lol.

3.) You also played on the show "ER", where you played the role of Peter`s sister, he had a very cold character, what was he like in real life?

KHANDI: Very likable. I enjoyed my run on ER very much.... I was always breaking down with that character -- so it was very draining, but a good role.

4.) On the show "La Femme Nikita", can you tell us about your audition? And what it was like to work with Roy and Peta?

KHANDI: Peta is a dear friend so it was more than a joy having the opportunity to work with her.

Chrissy Langeveld ~ Netherlands

5.) I saw you worked with Whitney Houston choreographing her international tours. Do you still make something in this direction or did you move to another part - to be actress? Where did you train for choreography?

KHANDI: I was a ballet dancer, danced on Broadway and the Alvin Ailey studio... Bob Fosse. You name it, I danced there... Paid my dues in the dance arena for sure. It was a difficult transition from dancer to serious actress. It took quite a few years and a great deal of acting classes and study.

6.) From which language does your first name come from? Which languages do you speak?

KHANDI: I love sweets... pure and simple. Khandi is from Queens, NY. I'm studying a couple of languages right now.

7.) Which cities, countries or places you would like to visit?

KHANDI: Prague sounds great.

Vera Schweinhuber ~ Prague, Czech Republic

8.) Do you have some fun story or blooper that you can share with us from your time in "News Radio"?

KHANDI: Working with Phil Hartman... there's a million great stories. We were stuck in that booth alone for long periods of time... so you can imagine the moments.

9.) Are the people that appear deceased on "CSI Miami", actors or real cadavers in certain flashes and scenes?

KHANDI: In the autopsy room and on the street they're usually alive... It's such a tough job for them... sometimes they're in freezing cold water...

10.) What was it like to work in "Spawn"? Any story you can share with us?

KHANDI: Nothing that interesting...

Claudia Conde ~ Buenos Aires, Argentina

11.) Of all the roles you've portrayed, did you or do you have a favorite, could you share this with us and why is it your favorite?

KHANDI: I enjoyed playing Fran in HBO's The Corner...

12.) Congratulations on your 2005 Imagine Award with "CSI Miami", what were you feeling when this award was given to you?

KHANDI: Late. The car that was supposed to pick me up was late... so I didn't even make it to the show in time to accept the award... lol. They DID get me there in time to present...

13.) You portrayed Dr. Levy in "Terminal" (Robin Cook). I read all his books and watch all his movies, Michael Ironside, Nia Peeples and Roy Thinnes were also in this story, do you enjoy this type of drama and why?

KHANDI: I like any role that allows me to stretch and explore new roles and personalities.

14.) On several of your portrayals you have played a medical professional, is there any type of way that you go about learning these scripts, any type of actual studying that you must do prior to the filming?

KHANDI: There are several MD's on the set with us... so they'll help with pronunciations and are there to make sure we're on the mark when it comes to our medical terms.

15.) On "La Femme Nikita" can you share any antidotes/bloopers with us?

KHANDI: Peta and I are friends off-camera, as well. So there were moments best kept to ourselves, for sure...

16.) What are your future endeavors, will you continue on with "CSI Miami" or go with something different?

KHANDI: CSI: Miami is a great role. I do have a production company and I plan to produce films of my own in the near future.

Sandy Meridith ~ Kansas,USA

17.) Having worked in a television series in the world of secret services, has this experience has been useful to you for roles as CSI or other?

KHANDI: In all honesty, I approach every role as a NEW challenge and take a fresh approach each time out.

18.) Do you prefer to work with the Serial TV or movies?

KHANDI: Weekly comedy series' are fun... On CSI: Miami, we're producing what is in effect a feature film every 2 weeks and the hours are very long... but we all hang in there together. Movies are a completely different animal.

Gilda Rotundo ~ Italy

19.) The writers left the fans to speculate whether Michael was the father of your baby in the episode "Soul Sacrifice" Was this effect what they wanted generated, or was it really true that he was?

KHANDI: What do you think??? - lol

20.) I'm an "E.R." fan also. What do you think of this series to be on the air for so many years without the audience getting tired of it? Do you think the actors are stereotyped as a result?

KHANDI: People love ER. That's great. Actors are sometimes stereotyped as a result of a certain role garnering accolades for them and enormous exposure as that character... It's part of being an actor and something that has to be considered when taking any role.

21.) Living in New York, how did you get chosen for a character in LFN, which films in Toronto? Did you audition for the part or were you summoned?

KHANDI: I auditioned and Peta and I had met previously.

Thank you for your time.
Ana Marķa- Rosario ~ Argentina

22.) How well do you get along with the cast on "CSI Miami", especially with David Caruso?

KHANDI: We all get along great. There's a great Entertainment Tonight piece with David and I kidding around. At the end, I give David a little hug and he shouts out, "KEEP YOUR HAND OFF MY WALLET. That was funny. The hours are long so we try to be supportive of each other.

23.) I see that Malcolm Xerxes was in the movie "Perfect Strangers" with you, Did you get to do any scenes with him?

KHANDI: No, I did not.

Vickie Luke ~ Virgina, USA

24.) In "LFN", your character, Terry, went rogue, even shooting a fellow operative. Why do you think Section allowed her to live until the baby was born instead of canceling her?

KHANDI: Boy... that's a good question.

25.) If you had to choose between acting and dancing, which would it be, and why?

KHANDI: I was a dancer for many years and really had taken it as far as I could... That's why I decided to turn to acting... which I truly love and enjoy.

26.) If you couldn't do either, and your life had taken a totally different direction, what would you be doing now?

KHANDI: I decided I wanted to be in showbiz when I was in 5th grade... there was no other choice.

Diane Whitehead ~ Indiana, USA

27.) The fashion of the show "La Femme Nikita" was superb. Did you have any say in what your character wore?

KHANDI: That's what the stylists do... so you let them do their thing. If it's something completely over the top, we might have to pull them back a little.

Warren Stewart ~ Perth, Australia

28.) Though this episode went through some distressing issues, it had a few funny moments, did you think it was a good idea for the writer's to bring in those comic moments, or would you have preferred to keep it serious and down to the point?

KHANDI: The fine line between comedy and tragedy is always a tricky situation. SO you have to see how it plays, use your instinct and make your choices as an actor.

Leah Day ~ Australia

29.) Have you ever done live stage work like plays / dramas, or musicals, and if so what would you say is your favorite form of media to work in?

KHANDI: Velma in Chicago. Dancing on Broadway... It's all wonderful in a different way.

30.) What kind of roles do you find yourself drawn to?

KHANDI: Anything that makes me reach and takes me places I haven't been before as an actor... that's what I look for.

John Leister ~ Adelaide, Australia

31.) Imagine the storm clouds rolling in, thunder pounds the city, and the wind thrashes everything in've been warned an evacuation is necessary, what is something that you would never want to leave behind?

KHANDI: My cats...

32.) Money, Power and Influence, what would you do with it, if you had it all?

KHANDI: I'll let you know as soon as I get there... still working on it.

33.) Most actors have someone close, a relative, a lover, a best friend, to keep them grounded. Can you name one piece of advice given to you to maintain solidarity?

KHANDI: My very best friend (Caputo) always tells me to be a good "Mafia wife..." and KIT, baby... (Keep it Together).

Cynthia... go see Rick Monroe when he comes to Texas... he's an amazing country music singer.

Cynthia Wilkerson ~ Texas, USA

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