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Cathy Atkinson, I would like to thank you for your contact and help reaching Alberta Watson for our group CynbytheSea, I truly appreciate all your doing for us, my deepest appreciation!

Alberta, I want to thank you for allowing us this wonderful opportunity to interview you, you are truly an amazing and talented woman, we will continue to follow your career and wish you the very best!

Q1.) "Madeline", of La Femme Nikita, always seem so cold and calculating, never really showing any real emotion. In your opinion, do you think Madeline in early years before Section, was ever a warm and loving person?

ALBERTA: No, I believe she was born that way.

Q2.) The role that you played with Madeline seemed to be a million miles from your real-life persona, how did you emotionally prepare to step into that part everyday? Was there a method to doing this?

ALBERTA: There can be many ways to find a character. For Madeline I used the information that Section One was first and always first. Almost as if it were her child.

Mary Vickery / New York/ USA

First, thank you for being the inspiration for my first chatterbot :

You're very welcome and thanks for inviting me!

Q3.) Did you ever try and figure out where Madeline came from and how she came to Section One?

ALBERTA: No, I never did. I just knew she was damaged and she found a home at Section.

Q4.) Was there a past story developed for her and Operations?

I believe there were slight suggestions made that referred to them having had a romantic liaison.

Q5.) Was there anything from your real personality that you have loaned to Madeline, and what was it?

ALBERTA: Observing people.

Dana Vrajitoru / Indiana/ USA

Q6.) What are your special interests and hobbies when you are not filming?

My fellow, my animals, my friends and getting to the cottage whenever possible.

Q7.) Are you in real life as disciplined as the role of "Madeline"?

ALBERTA: Hell no!

Q8.) What personal factors inside you, found the ability to play the role of Madeline on La Femme Nikita so intensely effective?

We all have many aspects to our beings, I just tap into the one thats needed for the role. I can be intense and I can be very many can attest.

Q9.) Working side by side with handsome men as Eugene Robert Glazer and Roy Dupuis would have been difficult for me concentrating, was it for you?

Maybe if I was younger it would have been a challenge but the hard part on Nikita was keeping a straight face whenever Gene and I had a scene. We're very silly together. I miss him.

Q10.) What can we look forward to in upcoming projects with your career?

Films- The Prince and Me, My Brothers Keeper, Some Things That Stay. Television- The Morgentaler Story, The Newsroom.

Cynthia Wilkerson / Texas / USA

Q11.) What did you like most about working with Gene Glazer, Don Francks, Roy Dupuis, Peta Wilson, and Matthew Ferguson?

ALBERTA: They all cared about making a great show.

Q12.) I have the movie "The Hitman", with Chuck Norris, really loved it, will you ever do another film with Chuck Norris ?

Ahh, probably not. I've never seen it actually.

Q13.) If La Femme Nikita ever was to make a reunion movie of the week, would you consider coming back as Madeline?

ALBERTA: Anything is

Vickie Luke / Virginia / USA
It delights my mother and you share the same birthday.

Q14.) Alberta, have you ever been to Australia, if so, where did you go, if not, will you be coming?

ALBERTA: Never been and unless a job took me there I can't see me going as I hate long plane rides. If you could teleport me I'd love it.

Q15.) Is theatre important to an actor's career, and should a young actor consider large amounts of theatre to prepare themselves for television/film?

Theatre is great for every and classes are also a must.

Q16.) Did you have a say in developing Madeline's character, or were those decisions made for you?

It was a team effort.

Q17.) I recently saw you in the film "Hackers", What was it like working with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller?

They were terrific.

Leah Day / NSW Australia

Q18.) In the first season of La Femme Nikita, Madeline was almost a girlfriend to Nikita, and a bit warmer in the end, what did you like most? You played her almost too real.

ALBERTA: I liked being warmer, it gave me more to play.

Claudia/ Buenos Aires, Argentina

Q19.) Did you find difficulty in sustaining the arch and controlling character that created a devious puzzle palace at Section during the five years of the series, finding it far from who you really are?

Yes, it was hard because the parameters were so small. It gets boring.

Q20.) What stage screen performances and by whom were they performed, that were the model of inspiration for Madeline's character, and did you influence the writers regarding her lines and actions?

I didn't use anyone else's performance. The scripts in the first year laid her out very clearly for me.

Q21.) Had Madeline's character not been written out though a suicide, we could have seen some powerful conflict scenes between her and Nikita in the fifth season, was the possibility of survival into the fifth season discussed at all in the writing department and then scrapped, opting for her suicide, and what were your feelings at the time and now for about Madeline's hasty exit from the program? Did you propose to keep Madeline's character alive?

I proposed not to.

Q22.) Did you ever find yourself when portraying new roles years after the end of La Femme Nikita, drawing upon your experience with the role of Madeline? What did the playing the role of Madeline teach you personally?

ALBERTA: No, once I was finished with the show so was she. Hopefully I taught

Its an honor to be able to pose my questions to such a gifted artist, thank you for your time.
Mary DeFrancesco / Rome / Italy

Q23.) What has been the most difficult character, you have had to play?

Anything that's badly written....of which there have been many.

Q24.) With which actors and directors would you like to work with in the future?

Emily Watson, Toni Collete, Gene Hackman..Robert Altman, Coen Brothers many many more!!

Q25.) What was your favorite scene in La Femme Nikita?

The one where I point the gun at the doctor's head to save Operations

Chrissy Langeveld /Leiden, Netherlands

Q26.) I felt that Madeline and Michael were mirror images of one their ability to control their feelings and not showing their emotions to the 9th degree, did you think so also?

I agree completely.

Q27.) I had no idea you were ill during the show..I want to commend you on such strength and desire at such a time, such excellent work. How did you do that? Congratulations on your recovery......

Thank you. It was very hard but every single person to do with Nikita helped me in one way or another. They were wonderful.

Q28.) Did the powers that be ever give you a "back-story" on Madeline and Operations lives?
Specifically how/when they got together?
Was it before or after Section?
We were left with the impression that they werew quite close at one point, but something happened and the relationship changed.

Well you just answered your own They never gave us a back story, but we pretended..

Q29.) Do you think Madeline and Operations relationship within Section One mirrored Michael and Nikita's relationship and thats why Operations and you opposed it?

Partly yes.

Brenda Allison / Missouri / USA

Q30.) Are there any fond memories of your time as Madeline in La Femme Nikita?

Many many great memories..too many to list.

Q31.) How did you like your role as Madeline?

At first I really liked her, then she bored me..writing can do that to an actor.

John Leister/ Adelaide, Australia
Q32.) As an actress, what role have you enjoyed the most in your career so far, and why?

I've done good work and my share of crap, but I don't really have a favorite.

Q33.) Were you sad when the La Femme Nikita series ended, and did you cry when you finished filming "Four Light Years Further"?

ALBERTA: It was time for it to end at least for me and no, I didn't cry. I actually laughed my ass off with Gene.

Q34.) Who was your best friend on the set of La Femme Nikita?

My laptop.

Mary Kalogerinis / Adelaide, Australia

Q35.) Did you and Peta Wilson have "girl talk", or visit regarding your personal lives?

Initially we did.

Q36.) You were always so well groomed and regal in the series, in real life, what type of clothes, styles do you really like?

In my life I don't care to always get dressed up. I'm much more comfy in Jeans and big shirts or sweaters.

Sandy Meredith / Kansas / USA

Q37.) Can you tell us about your audition for the part of Madeline?

All auditions are horrible!!

Warren Stewart / Perth / Australia

Q38.) Madeline was a very strong willed character, What was the hardest part you found in playing her?

Wearing those high heels!

Kristen Smith / Melbourn / Australia

Q39.) Like Madeline, were you also married?

I was.

Q40.) Where there any children born from Operations or Charles Sand with your character? Do you personally have children?

No and no, but I count my animals as my kids.

Q41.) What have you been doing since La Femme Nikita ended?

Yikes, many many things...lots of work, and lots of play.

Linda Pearson / Ohio / USA

Q42.) Where you surprised of the fan-following that ended up with eight more episodes?

Yes I was, how flattering

Q43.) Did you personally like the way Season 4 ended?


Sandy Metzung / Ohio / USA

Q44.) You referred to Gene Glazer as your "buddy", on the set, are you two still close after La Femme Nikita?

We'll e-mail each other once in a while.

Q45.) Would you ever like to do a role much like "Madeline's" character?

Not really, it's more fun and interesting doing different types of characters.

Q46.) What was the most rewarding role that you've ever done?

Spanking The Monkey..Wild Dogs

Deb Schwartz / Michigan / USA

Thank you and all the best for continued success!

Thank you

Q47.) When it came to Michael, Madeline was usually lenient and giving, it became apparent to viewers that they have a unique history together. Did you construct something in your mind for their past and their bond? If so, what was it between them?

That's top secret!

Q48.) What are your feelings on Madeline's suicide? I thought she was too strong a character to take that way out. If you could have written any other ending for her, what would it have been?

I felt if she was going to go it would be on her terms. If she were to stay she would rule the

Q49.) If you could describe each of your La Femme Nikita co-stars in one word, what would it be for them?


Debra Hensley / South Carolina / USA

From all of us here at CynbytheSea, we thank you with all our hearts! May you have a successful career, and know that we are with you in spirit,

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