CynbytheSea Interview with Eugene Robert Glazer

Our warmest thanks, you can never know the appreciation we have for you, but we do.......CynbytheSea

First off, thank you all for your lovely thoughts and comments. It is my pleasure to finger type my answers to your questions. Thanks for the support and for keeping the show alive!!!.

Q1.) Your character of "Operations" seemed to have no personal life, a very stressed, hot, demanding type of attitude and steel hand running Section One. We know this is opposite to your own nature. How did you build up "Operations'" ruthless personality, without creating a flat, monotonous and repetitive, one-sided character?

EUGENE: To play "Operations" I just dipped down a bit into my dark side to explore the machinations of the man. I also put myself in his position and found that considering some of the scenarios, I, as the person would have responded the same. I also built the character on the research of several people I had read about.

Q2.) What do you think Laurie Drew intended to portray with your attire and that of Madeline's dark colors as well?

EUGENE: Laurie wanted to portray a stylish severity. The monochromatic attire I wore added to the character's mood. The clothing portrayed a certain distinctly classical look, that suggested the dark sides of the characters.

Q3.) We saw in the wrap reels that you filmed, you took one last visit to the "Perch, Was this your favorite place on the set? If not the Perch, then what was?

EUGENE: Certainly not the hen coop. It was very difficult to film up there and very hot, what with all those people crammed into that small place. My favorite place to film was in Birkoff's area because it allowed me room to move around.

Q4.) Have the studios approached any of the original cast of "La Femme Nikita" to propose a reunion film? How do you think your character could return in flashbacks?

EUGENE: The studio has not and will not propose a reunion film. If they did, I would return as "Operations". It was not really me who died in the garage.....

Mary DeFrancesco-Rome, Italy

Q5.) We have read that you are working on a play, for which we would like to know on the progress of this as well as will you be writing a book on your memoirs of "La Femme Nikita?"

EUGENE: I am not writing a play. I am still contemplating writing a screenplay about the Vietnam War and the POW/MIA's left behind. A far as my memoirs.... Better left undone... I don't think I could put it on paper.

Q6.) Section One trained its viewers to watch for details. We know that the cast had 5 year contracts, and that 4 years was fulfilled. Is there any chance for a film or any continuation of "La Femme Nikita" whatsoever?

EUGENE: No continuation of the show at all is in the cards. IT IS OVER.&

Q7.) Were you indeed interviewed by Christopher Heyn for his upcoming book "Inside Section One," and are there any excerpts you can share with us?

EUGENE: Yes I interviewed with Chris and my old memory is trying to remember any excerpts. But to be fair to Chris, you'll have to read the book. When it is coming out I have no idea.

Q8.) Are there any special backstage secrets or any unusual things we didn't know about the set of "La Femme Nikita" that you can share with us?

EUGENE: My briefings were quite long at times and I sometimes waited till the last moment to learn them. When I arrived on set and finally shot the briefing, my dialogue was pasted to my monitor on the table... only occasionally though.

Q9.) In your wrap reels, you visited the "Perch" one last time. Can you tell us what you were thinking or how you felt about that?

EUGENE: The last visit to the Perch was rather sad and nostalgic. After almost 5 years, a lot of memories flood in and bring a sadness and closure.

Cynthia Wilkerson-Corpus Christi, Texas USA

Q10.) Did you personally like the character of "Operations"?

EUGENE: I adored "Operations". I think "Ops" was a great character to play because he had many levels. You never quite knew what he would do and to whom.

Q11.) I have seen you in episodes of both "24", and "Mutant X", which is made by a few of the "La Femme Nikita" crew. What was your most memorable experience of being part of "La Femme Nikita"?

EUGENE: Knowing we were making something totally new and out on the edge. It was a joy coming to work every day. The other actors and all the other people involved in the show were great to work with. My most memorable experience... working on that show.

Kristen Smith-Melbourne, Australia

Q12.) In the last year, you have been in shows "Mutant X" and "24", how did this come about and what did it feel like to work with some of the old crew again?

EUGENE: The shows were offered to me. It was a blast working with some of the old gang again. It felt like coming home. 

Q13.) Many female actors use their full name, you do as well, is there any particular or personal reason for this?

EUGENE: I use my full name because that is my name and when the film credits roll at the end of a movie... the name stands out!!

Q14.) Can you give us any secret intel about the show "Area 23" that you are involved with? And is it possible for it to become a cult show such as La Femme Nikita?

EUGENE: As far as I know they are still trying to raise money for it. It is a bit like Mutant X, but better. As far as it becoming a cult hit like Nikita... I doubt it.

Q15.) When you see other actors from "La Femme Nikita" in other films or television, does it bring back any special memories of when you had spent time with them?

EUGENE: Yes it does. I remember so many things and have a big smile afterwards.

Warren Stewart- Perth , Australia

Q16.) What episode of "La Femme Nikita" was the most memorable to you and can you tell us why?

EUGENE: "Slipping Into Darkness" and "Sympathy For The Devil". Both of those shows allowed me more emotional range.

Dawn Carlson- Danielson, Connecticut, USA

Q17.) What did you think of the way the story line ended for your character of "Operations" on "La Femme Nikita?"

EUGENE: I thought it was an honorable way to die, trying to save a child.

Q18.) What did you think of the idea of the mole, and Nikita and her father being in charge of everything?

EUGENE: At first I resisted, but came to realize it was a great idea. That's what made the show so good.

Q19.) If you could have chosen another character of "La Femme Nikita," what would it have been?

EUGENE: Michael of course. Who wouldn't want a butt like his., and the chance to get the blonde.

Chrissy Langeveld - Leiden, Netherlands

Q20.) What do you miss most about the show "La Femme Nikita?"

EUGENE: All the folks. The actors, writers, craft people, directors, etc.....

David Gillespie- Charleston, West Virginia USA

Q21.) What was your inspiration to make "Operations" such an intense character, with so much depth and charisma?

EUGENE: My inspiration was all my research and imagination. As for the charisma.. thanks, I needed that.

Angelique Goyena- Norfolk, Virginia USA

Q22.) Of all your endeavors in the acting field, which film or series did you find the most rewarding?

EUGENE: "La Femme Nikita" for TV and "Hollywood Shuffle" for film. Working with Robert Townsend was a hoot.

Q23.) Were the cast and crew of "La Femme Nikita" as easy to work with as you have indicated?

EUGENE: Like butter melting on a warm bun.. smooth, fun, challenging and lots of laughs.

Sandy Merdith- Wellington, Kansas USA

Q24.) What did you like most about working with Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis?

EUGENE: The entire package head to toe. Only Peta though. Roy is cute, but I like blondes. They were both giving and gave 105% all the time, which made me not feel like sluffing off at times.

Vickie Luke- Charleston, West Virginia USA

Q25.) You seem to be a very kind and gracious person off screen. What was your inspiration for the character of "Operations"?

EUGENE: What you see as "Operations" is the real me. The kind and gracious is the act. My inspiration was my imagination and people I have known.

Q26.) Now that "La Femme Nikita" has been off the air for some time, what do you think of the large and admiring fan base that still seeks to keep "La Femme Nikita" alive?

EUGENE: I think it is astounding and I am honored to have been a part of such a noble movement.

Mary Vickory- Mahopac, New York USA

Q27.) Did you ever have a particular idea/concept for an episode, and if so, what was it, and did it, or did it not get filmed, in portion or whole for "La Femme Nikita"?

EUGENE: My idea of "Ops" as a POW was worked into a few episodes and especially "Sympathy For The Devil".I did want to do a show about the government cover up of the men we left behind in Vietnam, but... the powers that be felt that was not in keeping with the shows through-line.

Q28.) Did you "believe" in the world of Section One? That is, I was drawn in completely by Section One having its own "world", "language" it made,, and broke its own rules etc. That in part made it such a completely fabulous show, as it was so unique from anything else that was on television at the time........Your thoughts please?

EUGENE: The world Section One exists in more ways than we can even imagine. The language used was quite real, a lot of research went into the scripts. These worlds do exist...

Brenda Allison- St. Louis, Missouri USA

Q29.) Would you return to "La Femme Nikita" if it became a series again?

EUGENE: Sure enough.. As long as we have the same cast....

Cheryl Dame- Plattsburg, New York USA

Q30.) When you were shooting "Four Light Years Further", and everyone thought that the show was over, what did you and the cast feel?

EUGENE: We were sad and yet kind of relieved it was over, so we could continue on to other" things.

Q31.) Do you keep in touch with any of the cast from "La Femme Nikita?"

EUGENE: Yes. Occasionally Alberta and I email each other a word or two. Other than that no.  I do try and contact them when I get to Toronto.

Mary Kalogerinis- Adelaide, Australia

Q32.) As "Operations" you gave a terrific performance in this complex role. You didn't show many feelings/emotions, and you had to make personal decisions including who should live or who should die. Could you identify with this role and why?

EUGENE: Yes I could. Many times I wish I could make the decision who lives and dies. I can identify with the moment to moment tension and decision-making that had to be made. I know about the lives of these people and would not want to live that way, but to act, it is fine. I get to drop it after the Director says "Cut".

Q33.) Do you have a personal favorite scene from the show "La Femme Nikita" and why?

EUGENE: One of my favorites is "Sympathy For The Devil". When I am in the club and say to the Mafiosa boss,  "Everything in this room might be yours Carlo, but everything outside that door is mine." Then I toss an olive into his wine glass. Another is "Slipping Into Darkness" - all the scenes. I had a chance to really fly. Lastly the scene with Madeline when I broke into her office when the plague hit section.

Sabine Buess- Baselland, Switzerland

Q34.) What was it like to do a soap opera like "General Hospital"?

EUGENE: It was not my cup of tea. It is way to structured and fast-moving. It was fun for a few, but no to more.

Q35.) What do you prefer, television or films?

EUGENE:As most actors, films will always win out. More time is spent on the moments and the characters are better developed.

Q36.) I have seen you in many different roles, what type of role would you prefer doing?>

EUGENE: I really enjoy the BAD good guy or the GOOD bad guy. I like characters with a lot of levels and dark corners. I enjoy adding humor in the dark places.

Deb Schwartz-Cheboygan, Michigan USA

Q37.) Of all your roles and shows you've appeared in, which is your favorite and why?

EUGENE: Operations of course. I was able to be and play many different levels of a character with him.

Q38.) Is there anything, anything at all, that you would have changed about "Operations"?

EUGENE: Yes. Operations would have gone out on more missions outside of Section. I would have also given him a little bit more of a fun love life....

Susy Seturino- Dallas, Texas USA

Special comments you would like to make Sir:

Special comments eh!!! I am pleased and privileged to be a part of your LFN history and great spirit for the show. Thanks for having me aboard, and in these most troubled times... I only pray that there are dozens of Section Ones out there... We need them..  Love to you all, Gene.

Eugene Robert Glazer ~ Operations ~ "OPS"

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